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The HTC HD2, not that it needs any introduction whatsoever. Display 5.2 inch, Quad HD CPU Speed Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Quad Core, 64bit, up to 2.2GHz. Esto hizo que la comunidad desarrolladora buscara la forma de instalar un sistema operativo ms novedoso en su teléfono, que culminaría con la llegada de Android y ms recientemente. Okay, forget that the title gave it away, you'd have known which device I was talking about. 39 Comments FireFox OS Makes an Appearance on the HTC HD2. Memory ROM: 32GB / RAM: 4GB Available storage for users: about 23GB. 35 Comments Nokia X ROM Running on the HTC HD2 Sort of. The mythical HTC HD2 has been blessed with yet another opportunity to live a little longer thanks to the efforts of XDA Senior Member macs18max. Pues bien, con la llegada de Windows Phone 7 a los consumidores muchos desarrolladores no se iban a quedar con las manos cruzadas viendo cmo equipos con hardware casi similar. 26 Comments Android 4.2 Makes its Way to the HTC HD2 Former Writer December 14, 2012 The HTC HD2 can be compared favorably to Bob Hope. While not everything worked quite perfectly, the ROM was quite usable overall. It's probably going to be around and reasonably successful for quite some time. Muchos recordarn al HTC HD2, uno de los teléfonos que en su tiempo caus un gran revuelo porque fue el primero de muchos teléfonos que utilizarían el procesador de Qualcomm. Front camera : HTC UltraPixel, fixed focus, /2.0, 1080p video recording. The device, which was first released four years ago should by all means already be in a museum. As a brief recap, MAGLDR for the HD2 unleashed the full potential of the. HTC HD2 Archives - xda-developers- XDA Developers 59 Comments HTCs Legendary HD2 Receives Android 6.0 Port egzthunder1 December 4, 2015 It has been a long time, and the device that. Will Verduzco November 2, 2013 If you ever spent any appreciable amount of time with the venerable HTC HD2, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the name Cotulla. It has even been shown running Windows RT. Egzthunder1 November 30, 2012 Have you ever seen those horror films, where the monsters simply refuse to die regardless of what is thrown at them? Camera Main camera : 13MP with sapphire cover lens, auto-focus, BSI sensor, OIS, /2.0, 1080p video recording. Flex Storage supported Battery and Charging Speed Capacity: 3000 mAh. HTC 10 Dimensions and Weight 145.9 x 71.9 x 3.0 - 9.0 mm, 161g. Camera Main camera : 20MP with sapphire cover lens, auto-focus, BSI sensor, f/2.2, 27.8mm lens, 4K video recording. Si te animas a instalarlo en tu teléfono, puedes ver las instrucciones aquí. Front camera : HTC UltraPixel, BSI sensor, f/2.0, 26.8mm lens, 1080p video recording. And It Goes On: HTC HD2 Receives Lollipop Port. Not too long ago, we brought you news that the HD2 continued being relevant when it received a WP8 port. Buy HTC Desire 626 Series Display 5, HD 720p, Super LCD, 293 PPI (1280x720) SIM Card Type nano SIM Memory AT T and Verizon: 16GB, T-Mobile and Unlocked: 8GB; 1.5GB. SIM Card Type nano SIM Memory 3GB RAM / 32GB Storage; MicroSD card up to 2TB. Oh that's just an HTC HD2 running a port of the Nokia X ROM. 11 Comments Project Evolution: Giving the HTC HD2 a Makeover Former Writer November 5, 2012 Halloween came and passed a few days ago, but it seems as if Frankenstein is. 33 Comments Sense 5 Appears on HD2, Device Still Alive and Kicking. That is kinda the story going on with the last Windows Mobile device from HTC, the ever lasting and eternal. They simply keep getting up and up and up, and refuse to stay down. SIM Card Type Nano SIM Memory 3GB RAM / 32GB Storage; MicroSD card up to 2TB. And with the latest mobile Operating Systems. Este teléfono poseía un gran hardware para su tiempo pero estaba limitado por su sistema operativo, Windows Mobile en su versin 6.5. La ROM de WP7 para el HD2 también tiene ChevronWP7 (Jailbreak) de forma preinstalada. 16 Comments Triple Boot WP7, SD, and NativeSD on the HTC HD2. The latest devices coming out are all competing to become "The Next Big Thing and this device just doesn't seem to stack up to the competition. December 28, 2012 Let's say you have a device from 2009, and at times it seems like it's just a little bit out of date. Former Writer January 3, 2013 When we talk about the HTC HD2 nowadays, it is in shock and awe that it managed to survive yet another round of software updates. Will Verduzco March 4, 2014 Hey, what's that image over to your right? For those of you lucky enough to still own one of these beauties. Faiz Malkani January 5, 2015 Recently we spoke about devices outliving their generation by leaps and bounds, and highlighted the Nexus S' prowess in doing so.