Pc games windows 8

Zombies, you have to defend Mega-City One from a zombie attack. In your role as commander of a space station, you have to defend it against external attacks. Use your shuriken stars and throw them to create chain reactions so that they hit several targets at once. Along the way, you pick up coins and other bonuses. Hidden Object 10.7K downloads Mahjong Secrets Cards Board 19.9K downloads Magic Academy 2 Hidden Object 5.8K downloads Hypnosis Hidden Object 5.1K downloads Free Windows 8 Games Frankenstein. Youll have to build and place various buildings, roads, and other utilities to create the necessary infrastructure. Hidden Object 5.6K downloads Escape From Lost. All Windows 8 games are free, without in-game ads or registration required for download. This becomes more difficult when obstacles like rotating blades are added to the mix and the difficulty increases with each level. The soundtrack also helps create an eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Hidden Object 5.7K downloads Witche's Pranks Hidden Object 5.4K downloads Best Games See More Farmscapes Hidden Object 47.1K downloads Fishdom 3 Puzzle 46.5K downloads Azteca Arcade 46.2K downloads Fishdom Puzzle. A good game for two people, AirHockey is classic game room entertainment. Decide for yourself where to aim and how hard to bowl the ball so that you can create a particular effect. Hidden Object 14.5K downloads Questerium Hidden Object 6.8K downloads The Three Muskete. In this puzzle, you play the part of a ninja. Hidden Object 36.2K downloads Popular Games See More City Racing Racing 665.2K downloads Goodgame Empire Action 238.5K downloads Fire and Forget Racing 220.4K downloads Zombie Shooter 2 Action 220.4K downloads. Using different weapons, you clean out zombies from different areas over the various levels of the game. Great graphics and a catchy soundtrack make for a light-hearted game thats not too difficult. Hidden Object 7.3K downloads Eternity Hidden Object 9.3K downloads Dreamscapes 2 Hidden Object 21.8K downloads Dream Sleuth Hidden Object 6.1K downloads Chronicles of. Hidden Object 101.7K downloads Free Windows 8 Games The Far Kingdoms. Throwing a screwed up ball of paper helps to release tension. 3D Marble Tracks is an interesting mix of mini golf, bobsled racing, and billiards. Hidden Object 12.4K downloads Laura Jones and. The graphics are very good and full of details. Hidden Object 4.4K downloads Brink of Consciou. In 3D Paperball, these paper balls are virtual ones and you can show off your basketball skills by hitting the trash can in various different scenarios. Hidden Object 33.5K downloads Call of Atlantis. The noble art of parking is recreated in Parking Mania. In this fast-paced action shooting game, characters are armed to the teeth. 3D Boat Race lets you compete on the water in high speed boats.