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The arcade-feel keeps things fast and tight, easily swooping over ground targets and riddling them with blaster fire, and engaging in violent chase sequences with TIE Fighters. Yet despite these one-on-one conflicts, Star Wars has always been set against the backdrop of a much larger war. If you don't hoard it for yourself, that is. Star Wars: Empire at War The films have generally focussed on intimate struggles; Luke and Vader, Anakin and Palpatine, Han and Lando. TIE Fighter came out in 1997, making it quite literally the most futuristic Star Wars game ever made. The perfect setting for an RTS, then. Battlefront is majorly focused on frontline combat between grunts, but the sequel brought Jedis and other such legendary types to the fold. And as much as it allows players to dabble in the Light and Dark sides of the Force, its an exploration of the grey area in between them. Star Wars: Dark Forces Kyle Katarns first adventure, long before he picked up a lightsaber, sees him doing covert work for the plucky Rebel Alliance and uncovering a dastardly Imperial. Whats more Dark Forces II also has a morality system, and your actions against non-hostile characters determines whether youll slip into darkness or remain on the true path of the. Those class stories, though, theyre worth going through the MMO stuff for. Episode I racer opens the scene into a whole game, with players taking on the role of one of the super-star podracers and embarking on a season of races hosted. Cast as special ops clone trooper RC-1138, you undertake missions accompanied by three other commandos, who can be bossed about with a variety of orders and context-sensitive commands. Check out our rundown of the best space games on PC. Cleverly preventing everyone diving on a lightsaber, Jedis are only unlocked after the team scores a set amount of points. Thankfully its also available on GOG and Steam, so you wont have to hunt an ancient physical copy down. The X-Wing series is treasured by PC gamers for numerous reasons. Thankfully - in large part to sheer weight of numbers - Star Wars has probably generated more great licensed games than any other film series. And its great, evocative of Knights of the Old Republic II even. Lightsaber duels, interesting new companions to recruit and, maybe, corrupt, making new enemies at every turn its quite the space odyssey. Its a pure multi-player game, offering team-based competitive modes where each player fulfills a specific combat role. There are plenty to choose from, and the quality is wildly variable. The original Travellers Tales LEGO game, LEGO Star Wars is proof that a great idea can live forever. These skirmishes take place both on land using troops and vehicles and in space using cruisers and fighters, culminating in the classic assault on the first Death Star. The change saw the games FPS gunplay mixed up with lightsaber combat, and added an impressive array of Force powers too. Star Wars: The Old Republic Star Wars: The Old Republic has always had a bit of an identity problem. A campaign map containing numerous planets adds an element of grand strategy, researching technologies in the downtime and establishing planetary defences. One half of it tries to be a continuation of the Knights of the Old Republic single-player games, split up into several class stories that let you experience the Star. Its sequel, with Obsidian taking over from BioWare, is a bit more ambitious. Star Wars Episode I: Racer Whatever you think of Episode I, theres no denying that its podrace was a tremendous spectacle and great insight into the sporting world of a. It has all the trappings of a Star Wars romp the lightsabers, the Force and its Light and Dark Side dichotomy, exotic alien words, wookies but all of it is. New racers can be unlocked through play, with the ultimate prize being Sebulba with his rival-toasting flamethrowers. The Balance of Power expansion pack would later add a story campaign that can be played in co-op with eight players. Best played in local co-op, its gentle puzzles and good-natured humour make it a must play with your smaller family members. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Its all black and nothingness out in space. Try Star Wars: The Old Republic for free. If youd still like to play this game you will need to use a different browser. The Complete Saga covers all six films, recreating the adventures of all key characters in blocky form, and asking that you break everything in your path on your journey towards. The craft collection is small but the X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, V-Wing, and Snowspeeder all have their own unique characteristics, making mission replays vastly different in feel if not events. These features are the bullet points from the back of a late 2000s shooter, but X-Wing vs. Theyre ambitious, authentically Star Wars and often epic in scope, leading to things like joining the Sith Council. Knights of the Fallen Empire is, essentially, a single-player game stuck inside an MMO. Each planets track showed off the unique elements of its mythos, such as the Spice Mine Run on Mon Gazza that winded through the vast machine plants of a spice. Star Wars: Republic Commando Proof that not everything that came out the prequel trilogy was childish junk, Republic Commando is the Rainbow Six of the Clone Wars. Posted 48 days ago What are the best Star Wars games for PC? Star wars computer games eBay Skip to main content eBay Enter your search keyword. 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