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Price: Free with subscription option LastPass is a password management application. The individual apps cover the gamut from office apps to note taking, and even photo viewing and backup. The app is expensive, but it bills itself as a professional-grade painting app. CamScanner and Xodo PDF Reader and Editor. You can save photos, texts, videos and other files on the Internet and access them from any place. It also recognizes if you hum songs, which is great. There are plenty of others and none of them are really bad but how good they are will vary based on your taste in video content. The Kindle Store has a ton of books, magazines, and other reading material that you can buy and read. You can open, edit and create: Doc, Xls, PPT, PDF files. TabletSMS by DeskSMS Download TabletSMS TabletSMS is a very interesting app for your tablet devices powered by Android OS that lets you text from tablet using your regular phone number! If you need something more, we have a whole list of awesome wallpaper apps to try. With the app Netflix you can watch movies and TV series through any internet connection. Xodo PDF Reader and Editor and between the two, youll be able to handle all of your PDF scanning and editing needs. Bonus: Your favorite video streaming services Price: Varies One of the more obvious reasons to pick up a tablet is for multimedia and video streaming is a red-hot industry right. These are all useful applications that do various things but they really shine on the larger screen real estate that comes with having a tablet. TeamViewer for Remote Control Download TeamViewer Control your computer at a distance in real time through Teamviewer. Combine images, apply professional effects, share results with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. That said, tablets can be a lot of fun and very useful if you can find stuff to do on them. To see our complete list of Android apps and games lists, click here! Some of the services wed recommend is Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Sling TV, YouTube, and Google Play Movies TV. SketchBook is a professional application for digital creativity. Kindle Download Kindle App for Free Kindle is an application for reading books on Android tablet devices providing you with more than a million books to download free and read. Its great for those who dont want to remember every password they use. If thats the case, PushBullet is an app you should absolutely check out. The application supports audio, allowing you to access the sounds that may be accompanying an article, as well as the option to create playlists Based on the feeds you already. Teamviewer for Android lets you control your pc from your Android powered devics. With the Kayak application you can check all essential for a well organized holiday aspects. The program can work with layers, has in its composition a full-featured set of graphical tools and allows you to export the result in a variety of formats, including PSD. Bonus: Your favorite music streaming services Price: Varies Similarly, tablets are great for audio streaming. Running the app first time you will be presented with a brief explanation of the main features, and how to access them. It could be music from apps like Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, and iHeartRadio or podcast apps like Doggcatcher or Pocket Casts. Download these Top Free Android Tablet Apps to get the most out of your tablet device. With the app you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook, and get notification of new tweets, messages, or by specific user. Were sure youre going to log into a bunch of apps, social networks, and websites on your tablet and an app like LastPass can be a real boon for that. Once again we come up with an excellent list of Best Free Android Tablet Apps every Android tablet owner (in fact they are good for phones too) should have download. It has a ton of crowd-sourced images and sounds that you can use to customize the most basic parts of your tablet. The app will securely store your passwords and then automatically help you log into various sites and apps. The selections are pretty decent and the app works very well with the advertising being the only minor complaint. And you can preview and save your favorite songs. You can use this with an app like. Aldiko Book Reader Download Aldiko Book Reader App for Free. Com weve always recommending the very best free Android apps you should download. Dropbox Download Dropbox App Free Dropbox will enable you to enjoy the best cloud storage service from your Android mobile OS, specially from tablet devices. In this app roundup, well try to get you started with the best Android tablet apps that all tablet owners should have. There are no wrong answers here because tablets simply rock for video streaming. Zedge Price: Free Of course, youll want to pick up some notification tones and wallpapers for your tablet and Zedge is as good an app as any to start your. Its ease of installation and configuration, along with its presence in almost all relevant operating systems makes it an excellent tool for remote control of computers. Kindle supports JavaScript Amazon Whispersync, which allows you to synchronize bookmarks and download books. Your all-in-one Best Free Android tablet Apps guide. HERE Maps lets you download maps for offline use and also includes offline navigation. With its high speed, Speed Dial, tabs, incognito mode and seamless synchronization with PC, Google Chrome for Android is one of the best mobile browser. The Traveler allows you to save some space on the map, putting them youve made your photos, videos, audio recordings and notes. Flipboard Price: Free Flipboard is already a wildly popular news-reading application. Download Flipboard App Free Flipboard is a reader news-wire that brings world news and social news together. Use the Google Drive Android app allows to access your photos, documents, videos and other files stored on your Google Drive from any other supported device. Netflix app for Android allows you to watch popular TV shows and movies streaming from the website Netflix. Its fast, smart, easy and intuitive mobile browser. Theyre all free to download and most of them work well with Creative Cloud if you happen to use that. Kayak Download Kayak Kayak for Android is one of the most popular app for travelers, providing useful services to find airline tickets, hotel reservations, car search, making lists of things. Price: Free with in-app purchases CamScanner is a great productivity app.